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Electrical Service Upgrades

If you need electrical service upgrades or panel replacements, you’re in the right place!

Since 2007, JCL Electrical Corp has been providing professionally licensed electrical service upgrades for residential, commercial, and governmental projects. Highly respected in the field, all our electricians come prepared with certification, insurance, and years of on the job experience.

Get a quote on an electrical service upgrade, repair, or replacement by calling (305) 498-7268.


Should You Repair or Replace Your Electrical System?

Electrical panels are not meant to be replaced often. However, like anything else, they do wear out over time. Especially if you’re like most people and have added new appliances and equipment to your electrical system over the last few decades. Whether you’re running a household or a business, this steadily increasing pressure can create problems for your electrical system. This is especially true if your electrical panel or wiring hasn’t been updated in the past 30 years.

At a certain point, it becomes impractical to make small modifications, electrical repairs, or minor replacements. And when it comes time to replace your electrical system with one that can handle your current usage demands, you need to call JCL Electrical Corp!

Get a Consultation and a Quote on an Electrical Service Upgrade

It’s very important to us, that all our clients get the electrical system that suits their needs. Those needs differ widely. With years of experience doing residential service upgrades and commercial service upgrades, we can help you figure out what type of electrical system would work best for you.

During our consultation, we’ll do a full-site visit to understand your current usage requirements. We’ll work closely with you to predict possible changes over the coming years. With this information, we’ll draft a quote that reflects your needs and your budget. We don’t leave anything to the fine print. You’ll know exactly what work needs to be done and exactly how much it will cost.

You’ll love the personalized service and attention to detail that we put into every service upgrade and electrical system replacement.

Electrical Service Upgrades Designed to Anticipate Your Needs

Over time, the requirements you have for your electrical system will change. Your electrical panel, wiring, utility meter, and grounding system, all need to be scalable. We make it a priority to anticipate those requirements by building electrical systems that can be modified and added to.

With that in mind, we’re always prepared to help you with new upgrades down the road. This is one of the reasons JCL Electrical Corp has been so successful in South Florida. We ensure that every client is happy with our work and follows-up with us for all their future electrical service upgrades!